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If you are like most business owners, you have knowledge and drive and a strong affinity for your industry; you know your product inside and out and enjoy promoting it. But every business is in existence to make money, and every business requires money to keep it alive. Keeping track of the money that you are earning, spending and saving is crucial to your success. Do you have as much knowledge and drive and affinity for financial recordkeeping as you do for your company? Many people don't, and for them the nominal cost of having a professional take care of their all-important financial needs is well worth it. Even if you have an in-house bookkeeper or your own computer software to take care of daily transactions, do you know what the numbers actually mean in terms of true profit? Are you up-to-date on the sales and payroll tax regulations and due dates? Do you understand the different advantages and disadvantages of operating as a sole proprietorship, a C Corporation, or an S Corporation? Even the best auto mechanic or sporting goods retailer or insurance agent on the block needs to deal with these issues, and many more. At Hubert Darcy's, we deal with them every day. They don't have to be a burden to you or a distraction from what you enjoy most - building your business. Please call to see how Hubert Darcy's can help.


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